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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-0. Will Using compatible Inks or Ink Cartridges Void the Manufacturer's Warranty on my printer?
  NO. If any manufacturer tells you that your warranty is voided by the use of compatible inks or ink cartridges, please feel free to recite the following:

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act
United States Code Annotated
Title 15 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties 15 Sections 2302

No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer's using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name; except that the prohibition of this subsection may be waived by the commission if:

The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and the Commission finds that such a waiver is in the public interest.

What does this mean to you as a consumer?
This means that the manufacturer cannot void your warranty on the sole basis that you use compatible inks manufactured by someone other than the manufacturer. This prohibition includes the use of compatible cartridges, clip-ones, continuous feeding mechanisms, refill kits, ink, etc.

The manufacturer will suggest that you use original cartridges because they are concerned about inferior ink clogging or ruining the printer. However, manufacturers are more concerned that you will stop using their product! The ink that we use is identical in chemical composition to the original manufacturer's ink, but is premium grade which actually improves performance.

*One tip: If you ever get your printer serviced by the retailer, or bring it in for service, take out the refilled cartridge out. The reason for this is because the retailer that sold you the printer will probably have their own parts and service warranty plan, and to save themselves money, will probably try to blame any problems on the compatible ink cartridge. Printer techs can be very convincing, but rest assure that any problems with your printer will not be due to the fact that you are using compatible ink or ink cartridges. In fact, our ink will improve your printer's performance!

Q-1. Is there any trouble with original ink when I use redgiant ink?
  Not at all, you can use without any run-up operation or tedious cleaning.

Q-2. What kind of quality control do Redgiant inkjet products have to under go?
  Redgiant's quality control begins long before the products come on the market. Special storage tests under extreme climatic conditions guarantte a long shelf life. Quality control take place at every stage in the production process. The final control involves examining the color consistency and physical properties of the inks.

Q-3. How lightfast are Redgiant inkjet inks?
  Here, we must differentiate between indoor of dye-stuff and outdoor of pigment. We guarantee six(6) months light fastness for indoor inks and twelve(12) months for outdoor inks. However, these tests are carried out under extreme climatic conditions. In normal environment, the light fastness is twice as high. When using a laminate with UV protection for outdoor use, the ink remains lightfast for significantly longer.

Q-4. Are Redgiant inkjet products manufactured exclusively in Korea?
  Yes! This is primarily for practical reason. Based at the Redgiant Head office, the inkjet division can take advantage of the entire infrastructure of the company. This puts us in a position to offer consistent high-quality products at competitive prices.

Q-5. Why are original brand cartridges so expensive?
  The inkjet printer has become a "loss leader" in the industry. In case of desktop printers, the price of many new inkjet printers is only slightly higher than the cost of the ink cartridges in them. People are shocked to find that replacing the color cartridges and the black cartridge can cost upwards of the price of printer. In purchasing only full set of original cartridges, you have to pay as much as your printer.

Q-6. How can I believe your inks are as good as the original ink?
  We produce superior inks that have formulated from good ingredients by our laboratory, almost the same and similar chemicals and physical properties as the original inks. Using micron technology, which reduces the phenomena of clogging or precipitation of colorants. They are with same characters as the original inks.

Q-7. Aren't all inks the same?
  ① All inks are not created equal. From the base of the chemical composition to colorants and additives, there are many varying combinations used when ink formulas are composed. Of the three chemical bases used to formulate inks, water, petrochemical solvents and oil are used. Aqueous inks are common in desktop inkjet printers, in recent years, found in wide-format commercial printers.

② The colorant, or the substance used to give color to the ink, is either dye or pigment. Dye, consisting of small molecules, is soluble and blends with the aqueous solution. A water-dye based ink tints or stains the paper on a molecular level. Because the dye is composed of single molecules it lays flatter on the paper surface reflecting light more evenly and appearing more vivid. However, the smaller molecular structure of the dye-base ink also allowes it to be damaged by UV light more rapidly that pigmented inks. Pigmented colorant is insoluble. The pigment consists of much larger molecules than that of the dye, therefore the reflection of light received from a pigmented print does not appear a vibrant due to the scattering of the reflected light, The larger molecules does not allow a pigment ink's print to last substantially longer than a dye-based ink's print.

③ In recent years hybrid ink consisting of both dyes and pigments has been introduced to the market. These inks are being used in the latest line of Epson printers. The hybrid dye/pigment ink is also referred to as archival inks. The company claims that their archival inks will last twice as long as pigmented ink, close to two hundred(200) years.

④ In addition to the chemical base and colorant, inks also contain additives. Additives may include buffering agents for control of the inks PH levels, resin for resilience, and humectants for the prevention of evaporation. Other ingredients added to many types of ink may include fungicides, surfactants, and biocides. Each ink formula has a unique formulation of each additive, again causing dramatic differences in the final outcome.

Q-8. Why are your ink cartridges so much lower in price than those offered by printer manufacturers?
  All of our ink cartridges are priced as low as possible while still maintaining our high quality standards and al are warranted. Our ink cartridges can offer significant savings when compared to using new original brand cartridges. At the same time, all of our inks are sufficiently tested before introducing.

Q-9. Why are some cartridges sold as "new" and others as "remanufactured"?
  Wherever possible, we offer "new" cartridges. However, for printers where the printer head incorporated in the body of the ink cartridges, new cartridges are not possible. That would violate patents held on the printer head.

Q-10. If the colors of my printout are incorrect like red looks like brown, what are possible reasons for this?
  ① Software configurations are wrong.
② The nozzle of the printer head are failing
③ Colors have mixed internally in the tank of in cartridges.
④ One ore more colors going empty.

Q-11. Why are there so many different cartridges?
  The size, shape and number of ink colors of each cartridges are determined by the printer manufacturer at the time that the printer is designed. All of our inks are formulated fro each specific printer to insure that you of the highest quality print results.

Q-12. Are the colors the same as the original?
  It's OK, for practical uses. We can not say as "the colors are same to the original", but can say as "the colors are similar" only. If there are slight variation in color, they can be adjusted by the sofwares or color management.

Q-13. What are OEM ink cartridges? And compatible ink cartridgesl?
  OEM ink cartridges are manufactured by the original printer manufacturer. Compatible ink cartridges manufactured by third parties other than the printer manufacturer which can be used in place of the OEM ink cartridge. These cartridges work as good as original cartridges with the lower cost.

Q-14. Will a compatible cartridge damage the printer?
  No, All our compatible cartridges have been tested to ensure no printer damage will occur. Basically, cartridges including chips are consumables. If they do no work well, they can be easily changed.

Q-15. The printer can not identify a new cartridge installed. How can I do?
  You had better do like the following guides.
① Take out the cartridge and reinstall again.
② Use dry cloth or tissue to clean the chip and reinstall the cartridges.
③ Exchange the chip on the cartridge.

Q-16. What does the printer utility feature "Unknown" mean when using compatible cartridge with chip?
  You can continue. Gennerally it is no impact or influence to printer performance.

Q-17. Is solvent based ink largely different from Aqueous ink?
  ① Main solvent is volatile organic materal, so it can be easily printedon ono-coated media. Acrly or PVC is sufficient for solvent ink.
② But it mayharful for worker who use the ink because it has strong smell and includes some carcinogens in solvent.
③ These days, the solvent is being changed with less-toxic and lessharmful materials.
④ It only has pigment as colorant.

Q-18. What is the advantage of Redgiant's Eco-Solvent ink?
  ① No carcinogens in it, without strong smell
② The pigment colorant is well-dispersed, without sedimentation for logn time-storage.
③ Very rae printer head problem.
④ complete compatibility for common Eco-Solvent printers with Epson printhead ; Roland/ Mimaki/ Mutoh.

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