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Contact Information

Redgiant USA
Email : redgiantink@gmail.com
Phone Order : Mon~Fri 09:00am to 05:00pm

Corporate Profile

Redgiant is a creative technology base company, specialized in the development and exploitation of large-format digital printing inks. This has enabled us to produce top-quality inks for digital printers. Our motto, "Trust with Rationality & Efficiency through innovation", has given our professional R&D team and skillful workers the drive to satisfy our customers with our superior inkjet materials.

We know that the ink used in wide-format inkjet printers has a major impact on the equipment's performance and on the quality of the images they produce. Our aim is to produce the optimal ink printing the best results.

We have manufactured and distributed a wide range of inks and ink cartridges as the brand name of "Inkrang" compatible with HP, Novajet Encad, Graphtec JX, Epson, Roland, Mutho, Mimaki, Seiko Color Painter printers. We use high-grade colorants made in U.S.A, Japan and German. Therefore, our ink is designed to optimize the printing quality, accuracy and reliability on a broad range of substrates.

Redgiant has made rapid progress based on the advanced technique and a great store of know-how of inkjet printing in and other consumables since the establishment in 1999. At the moment, we are providing a wide variety of inkjet inks, cartridges, refill kits and continuous ink supply system which are developed by ourselves to the market, and are going to strive to save the cost of all of our customers, schools, businessman, printing shop, designers, and other organizations.

Vision and Mission

Redgiant develop and manufacture and market customer-oriented imaging and recording materials. At the moment we are providing a wide variety of inkjet inks and cartridges which are developed by ourselves to the market. Especially our inks for wide format full color printing are very popular in Asian countries and Europe, and are trying to market all of the world with the world-best class quality. All the the items we have already created to develop have been applied for some patents to secure the technologies.

Redgiant have established a talented and experienced development team of scientific and technical personnel dedicated to application of new materials and converting methods in inkjet printing area. We will continuously offer digital imaging and record materials to our customers, and we will try to satisfy them with trust of rationality and efficiency through innovation.
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